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On the Distribution of Test Smells in Open Source Android Applications: An Exploratory Study

The impact of bad programming practices, such as code smells, in production code has been the focus of numerous studies in software engineering. Like production code, unit tests are also affected by bad programming practices which can have a negative impact on the quality and maintenance of a software system. While several studies addressed code and test smells in desktop applications, there is little knowledge of test smells in the context of mobile applications. In this study, we extend the existing catalog of test smells by identifying and defining new smells and survey over 40 developers who confirm that our proposed smells are bad programming practices in test suites. Additionally, we perform an empirical study on the occurrences and distribution of the proposed smells on 656 open-source Android applications (apps). Our findings show a widespread occurrence of test smells in apps. We also show that apps tend to exhibit test smells early in their lifetime with different degrees of co-occurrences on different smell types. This empirical study demonstrates that test smells can be used as an indicator for necessary preventive software maintenance for test suites.

This study has been accepted for publication at The 29th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON 2019)

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A Preliminary Study of Android Refactorings

Throughout the lifetime of a software system, developers continuously refactor the source code as a means of improving the quality of the code. Android apps, like traditional software systems, are not exempt from such refactoring activities. We conducted an empirical study to show the common refactoring operations in Android apps and discussed how they differ from traditional Java systems. Additionally, by contextualizing refactorings with commit messages, we identified the motivations for developers to perform these refactoring operations.

This study has been accepted for publication at The 6th International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft 2019)

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